1. Cayenne pepper:

Contains the ultimate fat-fat burning compound – capsaicin. Try chili power, paprika or jalapeño peppers; which also contain capsaicin.

2. Cinnamon:

This thermogenic spice is linked with curbing cravings, controlling blood sugar levels and burning fat.

3. Curry powder:

The turmeric found in curry powder is a well-known fat-burner. It will keep you sweating as well as burning calories.

4. Spinach:

Magnesium and B vitamins are extremely important for all body functions – metabolism included. Spinach provides both nutrients.

5. Nuts:

Walnuts and almonds are full of fat-burning omega-3’s.

6. Grapefruit:

A compound found in grapefruit (naringenin) is being linked with fat loss.

7. Berries:

A handful of fibrous berries helps keep your metabolism going by providing the necessary sugars to curb cravings, with fever calories.

8. Zucchini:

This vegetable is fibrous and water packed, meaning its fills you up and is easy to digest.

9. Yogurt:

Combines carbs and protein. Perfect for snacking, warding off hunger and building muscle.

10. Edamame:

The isoflavones found in edamame (a.k.a. soybeans) are linked to less belly fat. Edamame is a great alternative to fried appetizers.


I came across this short but beautiful article – I just had to share it will you all.

“During the Dust Bowl, soybeans did more that just revive the earth. They helped revive America.”

The 1930’s. The Great Depression turned the land of opportunity into a land of despair. Struggling farmers, in an attempt to read greater profits, cultivated large tracts throughout the Great Plains. This removed precious nutrients and moisture from the soil, putting a great strain on the land. Couple that with cattle overgrazing and a drought courtesy of Mother Nature, and the Dust Bowl was born.

Enter the soybean. Packed with soil-replenishing nitrogen, it gave back to the land what crops like corn and wheat stripped away. Planted in large quantities, and utilized in crop-rotation practices first developed in ancient China, soybeans helped suppress erosion and hold the ground together.

With the stabilization of the land helping to stabilize the economy, America was slowly pulled out of the Great Depression. Thanks in part to the amazing soybean – for over 5,000 years an integral part of cultures and diets.

Edamame anyone?