Hello foodies and dieters!

We have officially bid a bittersweet farewell to 2009 – a splendor that brought us loves, pleasures, sorrows, fortunes, laughter, victories, and losses. As we turn to the new year, we often find ourselves with left-over guilts and resentments of I “should have’s” and I “shouldn’t have’s.” There is no doubt that our conscience has been sent into severe over-drive this holiday season. We have become overwhelmed, we’ve over indulged, and now that  the holidays have passed, there is a burning desire to… well, burn fat. Constantly on the road to self-improvement, we are given the opportunity to once again wipe the slate clean. That is, develop a New Year’s Resolution that we hope will ultimately break ourselves of  destructive behaviors.

What is the no. 1 New Years resolution?

Yes, you guessed it. To lose weight. And I am assuming that this may be your resolution? Instead of focusing on the latest diet fads and trends (I call them “flops”) try focusing on building a better you – all around.

While researching dieting and New Year’s resolutions, I came across a quote by Ms. Oprah Winfrey. Being that Oprah is a t.v. icon and legend in most households,  many women (mostly women are Oprah enthusiasts) have witnessed Oprah’s conflicts and can relate to her battle with weight and the yo-yo diets that never really seem to work. Oprah’s struggle with weight has been an ongoing issue that is made public time after time and instead of using the usual “woe is me” crutch, Oprah has turned her weight issue into a political thrust that targets the average, overweight  American. This is Oprah’s “big picture.” I call it a cop-out.

“My goal isn’t to be thin,” Oprah writes in O Magazine. “My goal is for my body to be the weight it can hold — to be strong and healthy and fit, to be itself.”

Whoa! Let’s read Oprah’s statement one more time… “to be the weight it can hold,” “to be itself.” Oprah’s overall health goal suggests that if the body can withhold the weight and as long as the body still feels strong, healthy, and fit, then it is ok to be overweight. Well, does that mean one is healthy when they are heavily overweight? Moderately overweight? What about heart disease and diabetes? What Oprah should have said was, “my goal is to reach my ideal body weight.” Oprah’s comment on her weight and dieting foolishly leads followers into believing that weight is not the issue.  It’s the hidden message that will quickly send dieters and weight loss seekers on a road to destruction.

Be aware when looking for health and wellness inspiration for the new year. Instead of sitting in front of the television and watching a talk show host speak ignorantly on health issues, battle the bulge by finding a plan that works for you and influences the future of your health – in a positive way.

Happy New Year!